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Animal invasion of Grade 3!

by Andreas Eggert | 28 May 2021

Help!!! Funny animals have invaded German lessons in grade 3i

Our current unit in grade 3i is all about Tiere ["animals"]. During the past lessons we have been learning over 50 German names through famously funny animals. Students enjoyed all the hilarious photos and suddenly, all by themselves and without being told by their teacher, started to imitate the same funny faces which the animals made.

This inspired me to ask the following question:

"Kinder ['children'], would you like to have a competition about who of you can best imitate these funny animals?"

Students replied with a joyful "Ja" and the competition started. First, students had to name each animal with the correct article "der", "die" or "das" and then imitated the animals themselves.

We had so much fun during our competition and I think students will never forget these animal names in German.

Do you also want to learn some typical German animal names? Then feel free to browse through these fun-filled photos.


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