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April showers bring May flowers: Donation Drive at GESM

by Ute Massow

In the month of May, clothing closets were again diligently raided this year and, in accordance with the motto "Alles neu macht Mai" (loosely: "May makes everything new"), clothing and toys were collected for a good cause.

On June 23, a large number of boxes were handed over to the Virlanie Foundation based in Makati.

The Virlanie Foundatio is a non-profit, non-denominational organization founded in 1992 by the Frenchman Dominique Lemay. It supports street children in Manila and runs eight houses to give the children a home and provides for their school education. The handover of the donations was a good opportunity to put into practice two core values of GESM as a UNESCO school: Sustainability and Social Commitment!

In the coming school year, we want to expand our cooperation with regard to "inclusion" - another focus of GESM. We are excited and looking forward to the collaboration.

See you next time in May 2024!


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