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Collage of the Seasons

by Corinna Gill

The children of the 1st grade of the German Primary have intensively dealt with the topic "time". They explored the changes and cycles in nature and dealt with the change of seasons in the northern hemisphere.

In addition to the project lessons, these expressive collages were created in art lessons. The papers were specially structured for this purpose and were inspired by the children's book author and illustrator Eric Carle (book; "The Little Seed").

Here's what the kids have to say about it:

Spring collage by Natalia:

A snail, an earthworm and a little beetle are in the ground. First apple blossoms are growing on my tree. A snowdrop, a tulip, an Easter bell and a radish are already growing. There is also some snow on the tree and it is raining. The migratory birds are back.

Spring collage by Gordon:

The bee flies to the cherry blossoms. The papa fox wants to eat the rabbit. A cuckoo is looking for a human. The mama fox watches over the little foxes. There are still some in the fox's burrow. The snail and the caterpillar eat the tulip plant and the snowdrop. A hedgehog is still sleeping. The butterfly flies to the tulip. In spring there may be snow and rain. The migratory birds are coming back.

Summer collage by Leon:

I made a seal swimming in the sea and a fish jumps out of the water. The other fish is just looking. The bridge is made of wood. You can look into the water from the bridge and see what the other animals are doing. A tree has only half full of leaves. The sunflower has also lost its petals.

Summer collage by Oliver:

It is hot and sunny. The sun shines in different colors; orange, yellow, pink and a little bit brown. The sky is blue with small clouds. Above the clouds two seagulls are flying and one of them has a fish in its mouth. A small boat rocks on the waves in the sea. A child is eating a strawberry ice cream. Before, it has built a sandcastle where people can go inside. There is also a river for bathing.

Autumn collage by Jacob:

My tree has roots and the mushroom laughs because another mushroom flies away. A human and a robot are flying their kites. The branches look so beautiful and there is a lot of wind and the leaves and the branches fly away. A pumpkin is standing in the grass. The grass has already dried up and turned brownish from the cold. The sky is dark, a tornado is coming with a lot of wind.

Winter collage by Jonas:

A fir tree with a star on top and a snowdrop are standing in the snow. A snowman with a carrot nose, scarf and hat is also standing in the snow.

There is snow in the tree on top of the branch. Santa Claus with the reindeer has a sleigh. The one reindeer has a red nose. Snowflakes are falling on the snow cover. It is winter and a little snow bunny is standing by the fir tree.


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