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Die mutige Rose | Brave Rose

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Brave Rose

There was once a kingdom in a forest. There lived a princess named Rosemary, but everyone called her Rose. She had very long, golden-blonde hair and always had a red, warm dress that went over her body but not over her face and her blue eyes that glittered like crystals. She also never wore shoes. Rose had a secret, and she didn't know if she wanted to tell anyone. On Sunday the kingdom gathered in the palace for the big Prince Election. Each prince wrote his name on a piece of paper and presented it to the princess. But she hid an extra piece of paper and pulled it out. So everyone was jealous of "Jacob." But Jacob didn't show up and the voting process had to start again. The princess played the game for a long time with many names, and everyone in the kingdom was confused and angry.

After a long time, Rose got fed up and ran away from home. She hid in the biggest oak tree in the forest because she'd already fixed up her hiding place there. For four months the princes of the other kingdoms searched for Rose but finally gave up. In the meantime, Rose had grown bored. She wondered: "Why is everyone worried about me? I'm okay!" Suddenly she heard a hissing sound behind her, and she almost had a heart attack because there was a big green dragon standing in front of her. She swallowed and fainted.

When she woke up, she was in the dragon's lair. The dragon stood in front of her and asked, worried, "Are you okay?" "Yes", she whispered. Then she fell asleep. The dragon used a thermometer and sighed, "Oh no, the poor child has a high fever." Two hours later, she woke up again and said, "Thank you." "You're welcome." the dragon replied. "What is your name?" he asked. "Rosmarie. But please call me Rose," answered Rose. "What is your name?" "Jonah." That was the beginning of an inseparable friendship. Rose stayed in the forest for a whole year with the dragon. She watched it fly and wanted to learn to fly it herself. "Jonah," the Princess asked, "can you teach me to fly?" "Of course" Jonas replied: "But now we are going home." Jonas had fallen in love with the Princess, but he did not dare to tell her. He was afraid! Rose also learned to fly and had a lot of fun doing it. Three weeks later he confessed his feelings to Rose. But after a while she got homesick and wanted to go home, and he did not hold her back. He missed her very much, but understood that she had problems at home herself, for example choosing a prince. Because she didn't have an extra slip of paper, the Prince of Jojolana was chosen as husband on the next Prince Election Day. "Stop!" cried the princess loudly, "this election is only for blockheads! All this election nonsense I can't use! I can decide for myself who I marry." Two years later she met a nice and beautiful young man she fell in love with and the dragon met a lovely lady dragon. Both were nice couples and got married on the same day! Both had sweet babies and visited each other in the castle and in the cave in the forest. They stayed friends all their lives.



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