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Diwali & Laternenfest at GESM with Grade 2E and 2D

by Rain Galvez

What Makes A Community?

According to our grade 2 students a community is made up of people who live and interact with one another. This includes families, friends, neighbors, and people who work in the community. They understand that people in a community have relationships with each other. They may talk about friendships, families, and the ways in which community members support and help one another.

A community also celebrates events and traditions, such as parades, festivals, and holidays that bring people together to celebrate and enjoy each other's company.

The Diwali Festival and the Laternenest (St. Martin's Festival)are both celebrated this week and are the perfect example of how celebrations in a community bring people together.

Last November 6, Grade 2E and Grade 2D of Frau Maja Zander, had a collaboration on what makes a community.

Philipp Bhatia and Meher Shah hosted a Diwali presentation in class together with their parents. The Parents were very supportive of the children’s learning. They prepared everything according to the level of the children’s understanding. The children learned how to make Diyas by paper folding. It was an easy craft to follow. We ended our celebration trying scrumptious treats such as Laddu, Gulab Jamun and Samosa. Special thanks to Mrs. Billkiss Bhatia , Ms. Heta Shah and Mr. Chirag Shah for making this week special for us.

Prior to this activity, the children were tasked to draw and write what they know about Diwali and Laternenfest. The answers we gathered were hilarious and very innocent. Once they learn to understand what Diwali is all about, it gave the children the opportunity to find out similarities and differences between Diwali with the traditional celebration Laternenfest that we yearly celebrate in school.


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