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Student donation drive projects deliver

by Viola Buck & Vincent Mortillero

What made the donation a success? From start to finish, it was all student-driven. It all started with Grade 3's lemonade fundraising which inspired our Grade 2 to initiate their donation drive. Then our, Grade 5's PYPX Poverty group combined their raised funds with Grade 3 and got packs of notebooks, pencils and other school supplies. International Early Years helped us spread the news in our school community with their creative posters encouraging everyone to donate used clothing, toys, food and school supplies. Donations started pouring in then we were faced with another task to do - sorting! Before we handed over our donations, our Primary and Early Years students helped sort out the items and properly labelled all boxes. The result was heartwarming - the super happy children living near the dumpsite of Payatas! Vielen dank to everyone who supported our Primary students in their project and to our amazing students for taking action!


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