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Earth, Fire, Wind and Water

The KiGa/Early Years students had a blast during our Environment Week!  The children from both sections were divided into four (4) mixed groups and rotated each day so that everyone had a turn trying the different activities which aimed to explore the different facets of our environment: wind, fire, water and earth.

We kicked off the event with the song, Hejanana (Die vier Elemente).  We all had fun dancing to the beat of the drum and using our bodies to show the movements of the different elements of the earth. As the children inquired into wind, they created colorful pinwheels and windsocks. To explore fire and its uses, the children melted crayons to create an artwork and cooked chicken hotdogs on fire! Water is the most common element that the children knew in the KiGa/Early Years.  They melted ice and did an experiment with oil and water. For the element earth, the children explored the importance of compost, its benefits and of course how to make it.  They enjoyed eating fruits and then saving the peels to create a nutritious compost ready for planting!

by Nicole Javier


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