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Einschulung: GESM 1st-graders get their welcome

Like with any other German school, GESM welcomed the new 1st-graders with a celebratory program on 18 August 2022 -- their very first day in school.

The children's parents were on campus to join in the occasion, and they were treated to presentations and performances by the children's older peers. They were also formally greeted by the head of school, Mr. Frank and introduced to their new teachers, who then led the new students to their classrooms to do some activities. While they strutted off to see their classrooms, the parents prepared a little surprise for them -- the "giving tree" or Wunschbaum, with leaves made of written notes of encouragement from their parents.

To end the program, each child received a Schultüte (a school cone), filled with goodies and small presents prepared by their parents and teachers!


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