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Exploring Places of Worship: A Journey of Learning and Discovery

by Rebecca Gillen

To gain firsthand knowledge about places of worship, we visited the Fo Guang Shan temple and the Beit Yaacov synagogue. At the temple, we were warmly welcomed by the monks, who took the time to enlighten our Grade 3E students about Buddha, his life, and his teachings. The students had the opportunity to light a candle and make a wish to Buddha. The monks patiently and kindly answered the students' questions, providing them with valuable insights. They also taught Grade 3E a song and dance that emphasized the importance of kindness and good deeds.

Our visit to the Beit Yaacov synagogue was a truly special experience. The rabbi introduced us to the Torah, leaving our students in awe of this big and beautifully handwritten book. Grade 3 students took turns blowing the shofar, a horn used in synagogue services. We discovered that the Jewish community is incredibly warm and welcoming, and we are deeply grateful for the opportunity to learn about some of their traditions.


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