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From Coffee Roasting to Chocolate Making

A Class Trip Full of Unforgettable Farm Experiences

by Tina Barthel

From May 21 to 23, Grades 4D and 5D experienced an exciting adventure: a three-day class trip to a farm in Cavite. Even the bus ride from school to the farm was a highlight, with the children listening to and singing their favorite songs, getting into the spirit of the upcoming experiences.

Upon arrival at the farm, a diverse program awaited the children. They got to roast, sort, and grind coffee beans, learning about the journey of the bean from plant to cup. During an exciting hike, the students explored the surroundings, planted trees, and enjoyed nature. A special experience on the hike was feeding the pigs and sheep, which the children found very enjoyable.

They also got to look at cacao pods and taste the white pulp. Afterwards, they roasted the cacao seeds in an oven, removed the shells, ground the seeds, and made their own chocolate. Tasting the homemade chocolate was, of course, a special treat.

The topic of bees was also on the program. The children learned a lot about Philippine bees, looked at beehives, and even harvested their own honey, which they then got to taste.

During breaks between activities, the students had the opportunity to play board games and enjoy the pool. This time was fully utilized for relaxation and fun.

The class trip was a complete success, offering the children numerous opportunities to be active and gain new experiences. It was an unforgettable time full of adventure, learning, and fun.


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