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Fun Farm ❤️

by Nicole Javier

Last May 26, the Early Years English Section visited Fun Farm!

For our first stop, we visited the fishing station. We rode the boat around the pond and fed the fishes. 🛶🐟🐠🐡

Then we visited the Turtle Island where we fed the turtles some delicious and nutritious carrots. 🥕🐢

We found the rabbits and guinea pigs who were all so well taken care of in the farm. We loved the sound that they made when they were asking for more carrots. 🥕🐇

We all had a chance to enjoy riding the horses. For some of us, this was the first time we ever saw a horse up close, and we even got to ride on its back! 🏇🐎

The fun isn't over! We also rode the carabao cart. It was a bumpy but fun ride. 🐃

Best part?! The zip line! We got a bit nervous at first because it was a little high but, once we tried it, we didn’t want to stop. 🥳

The fun isn't over! We also saw some sheep. Baaaaaa baaaaaa!! "Feed us," said the sheep 🐑 and so we did 😆

And of course, before going home, we had a funtastic time at the outdoor play area. We played in the sandbox, went up the ropes, played with the sand and rode some farm trucks.

We had the absolute best time making memories with our friends in Fun Farm! We can't wait for our next field trip!


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