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GEB - Back in Action

by Lady Garcia | 30 April 2021

The German European School Manila sends its gratitude to the Parent Representatives' Council for the donation of waste segregation bins to the school, delivered to the campus this Friday, April 30 by GEB Chairperson Lady Garcia and received symbolically by Head of School Mr. Christoph-Boris Frank, Head of Administration Mr. Volker Ross, and Board member Mr. Roland Odenthal. Maraming salamat po! Vielen herzlichen Dank!

A few years back, the GEB held its first fundraising by means of a Lucky Draw during Christmas festivities 2019. Proceeds from the said draw were intended to fund the proposed “Waste Segregation Bin” project.

During one of the monthly meetings, it has been identified that schools most often produced huge amount of waste from all sorts (paper waste and food waste) and the good thing is that there is a way to somewhat reduce the amount of waste by educating the students about the importance of recycling. This will more likely empower them to show respect to the environment and in turn learn how their personal actions can affect the future.

This project will also enhance the existing waste management and segregation practice in GESM. The proposed project was welcomed by both school administration and the school board.

But with the disruption of school last March 2020 due to the pandemic, the project was put on hold.

Fast forward to 2021, the current GEB made the project one of its priority as funds have already been earmarked and the negotiations with the supplier have already began way back.

After resuming communication with the supplier, the project was back on track. And this time, the school Marketing Team was also on board to help with the design concept of the waste bins.

And today, the 30th of April, the project has reached its final stage with the delivery and handover to GESM of 10 sets of Waste Segregation Bins this morning.

The GEB would like to take this opportunity to thank the generous sponsors who help make this project possible and the school administration for the patience as we complete the project.

We are hoping that this project would be able to contribute in the school’s goal into becoming a “green school” someday.


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