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GEB gives back to GESM Community

by Lady Garcia | 18 Dec 2020


Every December, the Christmasfest has always been a major event in the calendar of the GEB. Aside from organizing it and holding fundraising activities, the GEB also assumes the role of being the secret Santa to the invited children from the chosen charity. This year, due to the pandemic, such activity was not possible.

But since it is the season of giving and the group didn’t want to break the tradition, GEB has decided to still do the gift giving but this time, the recipients will be the members of the GESM community...the GESM non teaching staff and some EIS staff.

And to express appreciation to the staff members, gift baskets were distributed last December 17. This is to show gratitude for the services they have done and are still doing for the school community as well as to encourage them by sharing the blessings during this season.

GEB believes that they are an integral part of the school especially during the pandemic for these people have been continuously providing the assistance to students and teachers . From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.


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