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GEB's Monthly Meeting Update

by Lady Garcia | 09 Oct 2020

The GEB (Gesamtelternbeirat) or the GESM Parents’ Advisory Council met for their monthly meeting via Zoom last October 7, 2020.

The School Administrator Herr Volker Ross attended the meeting and acted as the representative from the administration side. He was able to address the issues presented as well as give updates that are of interest to the parents.

Some of the topics discussed are as follows:

- School Planning Calendar

- Issues being experienced by teachers and students with distance learning

- Additional purchase of IT equipment to further enhance online learning

- Ongoing renovations and preparations made by the school should face to face classes be allowed

- Continuous delivery of learning materials and books to students every Thursday and Friday

Should you want to know more details on the topics we have discussed or have comments, suggestions or anything you believe that the GEB is the proper forum to address them, kindly contact your class parent representative.

The GEB is wishing the school community an enjoyable Autumn Break!


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