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GEB Updates - March 2021

by Lady Timbang-Garcia | 5 March 2021

It was another productive afternoon for the GEB as they met as a group last March 3 to discuss matters that are important to the parents they represent.

The School Headmaster Herr Christoph Boris-Frank and School Administrator Herr Volker Ross were once again invited to share some updates about the school. Relevant information regarding school plans for the next school year were presented as well as photos of facilities that were upgraded and renovated. This just shows that amidst the pandemic, the school continues with the plans they have set to make the school a better place for the students.

During the second half of the session, the GEB Chair presented a report regarding her meetings with the Board. Class parent representatives also had the time to exchange ideas, offer suggestions and raise concerns that they believe will benefit the students. This will then be shared by the GEB Chair to the school administration.

The next meeting of the GEB is scheduled on May 5. Should you have any concern that needs to be given attention, kindly coordinate with your respective class parent representatives.

As a final note, the GEB would like to wish the graduating students good luck for their upcoming End of Year Examinations this March.


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