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German Secondary’s 1st Coffee Morning Info Session

by Stephanie Steinberg

Due to numerous requests, the first Coffee Morning Info Session of the Mittelstufe (German Secondary) took place on September 28th. Over coffee and croissants, the topic of "Educational Language/Language and (Further) Education" was presented and discussed from various perspectives.

Eleven parents, with children in different grade levels, gathered in the library's conference room and showed great interest in the presented topics. Mrs. Massow discussed the differences between everyday language and educational language (how one can express "do," "make," "say" more differentially), Mr. Schlieske introduced external exams that certify German language skills. Dr. Grandt supplemented the presentations with details about the admission requirements of German universities, and Mrs. Steinberg showed that there are language levels that AI will not be able to master.

The allocated time passed quickly due to the full program. Suggestions for future Info Sessions with expanded invitations included topics such as "Learning German: The Communicative Approach," "Vocational Education as an Alternative to Higher Education," and "School Values and Their Implementation." We are currently looking for suitable dates and look forward to more delicious croissants in the near future!


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