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GESM charity knows no limit

In the last weeks of school this year, the German secondary department invited the whole school to give donations of clothes and other items to the Virlanie foundation, an organization dedicated to help street children with basic needs and give them and their families opportunities to reintegrate them into society and prevent the cycle of inter-generational poverty.

But before the donations were collected by the foundation, a devastating fire took place along Doña Soledad avenue near the school, affecting hundreds of families.

In an act of true charity, the Virlanie foundation agreed to divert the donations they were supposed to receive and instead help those affected by the fire.

On top of that, parents, students and teachers of GESM -- who have given so much for charity already in the past weeks -- managed to fill half a room full of donations for fire victims within 48 hours of the disaster!

GESM could not be more proud and thankful for the overwhelming display of generosity!


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