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Grade 1E ICT: Exploring Abstract Art with Chrome Lab's Kandinsky

by Viola Buck

Using the Kandinsky Art tool in Chrome Lab, our Grade 1Es unleashed their creativity as they experimented with various shapes—circles, squares, and triangles—and explored how different colors could evoke different sounds and emotions. This hands-on activity encouraged them to think critically about the relationships between visual elements and auditory experiences.  This innovative learning experience allowed them to delve into the world of abstract art, inspired by the works of Wassily Kandinsky. The activity was not only a fun and creative endeavor but also an  connected to their Unit of Inquiry on lights and sounds.


Grade 1E had so much fun doing this activity in ICT. They not only enhanced their understanding of abstract art but also developed their creativity through Music - with the help of technology. The activity fostered a sense of curiosity and experimentation, allowing them to explore new ways of expressing themselves.  They were excited to share their work of art and composition. Many expressed amazement at how simple shapes and colors could create such diverse and dynamic sounds. The activity also sparked discussions about how art and music can convey feelings and ideas without words.


Enjoy listening to their Kandinsky's tech version of art and music!


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