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Grade 5E visits Manila Bay in prep for PYPX

The Grade 5E class had an exciting and educational trip to Manila Bay on May 2 as part of their PYP Exhibition process. This visit was an integral part of their project, where students observe and gather data from experts on their chosen topics.

One group, focused on Ocean Pollution and Renewable Sources of Energy, had a unique opportunity to see One Earth One Ocean's solar-powered catamaran, the "Circular Explorer." The students employed their research and critical thinking skills, asking insightful questions related to their topics. This hands-on experience helped them understand the critical role of education in addressing ocean pollution and the importance of responsibly using clean energy.

The trip has equipped the students with valuable information, which they are now ready to analyze and present to the school community at their PYP Exhibition on May 22nd. This experience has not only enriched their knowledge but also highlighted the significance of practical learning in tackling real-world issues.


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