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GESM Primary Departments hold joint assembly

by Torsten Herzog | 15 October 2021

On October 15th, the last day of school before the autumn break, the German and international primary school departments met for their first joint meeting. The children of both departments had prepared many presentations under the motto "Friendships, health and making the right decisions in life".

The introductory words were spoken by our headmaster, Mr. Frank. After the greeting and the introductory words by Vivienne, Liam Matthew, Disha and Ethan of the 4D and 4i classes, it started.

Grades 3 and 4 of the German department presented a video cut with the song "Hand in Hand", which was underlaid with pictures by the well-known German painter Paul Klee.

The children from Grade 4 of the international department presented "Michael is sick" from the DaF class, "These Hands are capable" from the art class and "Dance Monkey" from the music lesson.

The class teachers then handed out certificates to the children who had distinguished themselves through special achievements in the first few weeks of school. The joy was particularly great here!

Finally, our two department heads Manuela Czech and Viola Buck said goodbye to the children and teachers with their closing words and wished everyone a relaxing and happy holiday!


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