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Happy Easter from the GEB!

Hoping everyone had a lovely Easter Holiday this past weekend. I must say, this is one we will always remember. I am sure most of you had plans with friends and family, perhaps a vacation on a sunny beach, an adventure to a new city or just a lovely dinner out. Instead, it was spent at home with the children wondering if the Easter Bunny was going to make it this year. Hopefully you all made the most of it, maybe you got creative on your Easter Egg Hunt or maybe you tried a new recipe for your special dinner, I hope it turned out!

The last month has taken us out of our comfort zone and it has not always been easy, but we’re doing it. We are making a “new normal” during this time. The children are busy doing their virtual schooling, the routine is in place, and we are making it work- as best we can of course. One day soon we will be back to packing school lunches, getting uniforms washed and the kids out the door to the bus on time. We will look back at this time and maybe even try to find the silver lining- was it the time spent together? Or was it the simplicity of how our lives became, no rushing around to this and that.

I am sure we’re all counting the days until we can be back on the GESM campus. So until that time, stay home, stay safe and we will all see each other soon.

Kimberly Hachey

GEB Chair 2019/2020


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