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Successful Election Marks Start of New School Year for GESM's Parent Council

Photos from RKD

The German European School Manila (GESM) held the first Parent Council (Gesamtelternbeirat or GEB) meeting of S.Y. 2023-24 this week on Wednesday, September 20. During this gathering, the GEB elected its officers for the academic year.

Before this meeting, parents of each class voted one or two representatives who form the GEB members. The GEB serves as the bridge between parents and school management, fostering open dialogue. Regular meetings between GEB representatives and school management address concerns, big and small, ensuring a harmonious school environment. Each GESM parent can turn to their class's GEB representatives, making their voices heard within the wider school community.

GESM Gesamtelternbeirat (GEB) Officers, S.Y. 2023-24

Chairperson: Stephanie Konstanzer

Deputy Chairperson: Imee Härle

Treasurer: Kristine Almeida Uy

Deputy Treasurer: Jenn Grünewald

Secretary: Rachel Kelly Davis

With a committed team of GEB officers & members, GESM can look forward to another positive and productive year of collaboration with parents!


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