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"Here the holes will be flying out of the cheese..."

by Korbinian Hook

"Hier fliegen gleich die Löcher aus dem Käse..."

Driven by this German carnival classic song, the carnival celebration of the GESM was opened. One after another, the Primary schoolers lined up in the polonaise. The almost endless line of fairy tale characters, animals and other costumed children danced through the corridors of the school to the stage at the sports field.

On this stage, the teachers of the German section had already prepared various games. During the balloon tango, stop dance and joint dances, the children celebrated together with the teachers to German carnival songs, such as the red horse or the airman's song.

At the end, a typical carnival tradition was of course not to be missed - the throwing of the Kamelle (candies). With a hearty "Helau" and "Alaaf", these were distributed among the children.

This refreshment was definitely necessary after the sweaty dances, for young and old.


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