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Hilarious Hybrid Animals

by Andreas Eggert

In German lessons with Herr Andreas Eggert, Grade 3-I recently explored the names of typical animals such as "die Giraffe", "der Vogel" (bird), "der Delphin", (dolphin) "der Schmetterling" (butterfly), "die Katze" (cat), "das Krokodil" and "der Storch" (stork).

To apply the vocabulary in a practical and inspiring way, I showed the students a video of some hilarious hybrid animals: mysterious mixtures of two animals in one.

"Kinder, can you make up your own hybrid animal and send it to me?" I challenged all grade 3i students and only a few hours later I received the first inspiring creatures.

Have you ever heard of a "Vogelrrafe", a "Schmetterfin", a "Cydra" or a "Storchodil"? Enjoy the students artworks as you find out!"


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