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How many kids can fit into the mouth of a whale shark? -- Adventure at the Mind Museum

von Tina Barthel

After the sale of their handmade artworks, where Grade 4D not only earned money but also donated, it was time for a well-deserved school trip. With the remaining 6,600 PHP in the class fund, the class decided to visit the Mind Museum in Taguig City - a place where science and fun converge.

The interactive science museum captivated the children with its more than 250 exhibits, sparking their curiosity and amazement. The hands-on experiments and interactive displays allowed the students to experience science up close and expand their knowledge in a playful manner. Grade 4D returned with a wealth of new impressions.

And to answer the question: We don't know how many children can fit into the mouth of a whale shark, but at least six fourth graders could have. ;-)


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