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Little Artists, Big Impact: Grade 4D Crafts for a Better Future

by Tina Barthel

As part of their project-based learning, Grade 4D delved into the exciting topic of "Money and Social Enterprises." As a culminating activity, they planned a sale of handmade items. During art lessons, the children crafted beautiful bookmarks and impressive Bascetta stars. On May 17, our school lobby transformed into a lively marketplace showcasing these handmade artworks for sale.

The event was a great success: The students raised a total of 13,200 PHP! But that's not all: The children decided to donate half of their earnings. This means 6,600 PHP will go towards the class fund for a school trip. The other half, also 6,600 PHP, will be donated to the charity organization "Rotary - Satellite Club of Alabang ALIG" to support children in the Philippines.

A special highlight was the visit to the children who will benefit from the funds in the upcoming school year. Initially, the Grade 4D children spent time playing with the other children. Later, they helped distribute food, experiencing firsthand how donations make a difference.

This project not only taught the students how creativity and commitment can generate income, but also emphasized the importance of taking social responsibility. Grade 4D has impressively demonstrated that collective efforts can achieve significant impact.


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