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How We Express Ourselves in Pre-Primary

by Nicole Javier & Katrina Uytengsu

We have been travelling all around the world as we learn about the different celebrations of

our classmates in our new unit, "How We Express Ourselves." It is such a wonderful

experience to make our classroom come to life as we pretend to ride an airplane, present

our passport and be the immigration officer of the day.

We started our Inquiry into the different celebrations by identifying our home countries

and connecting them with our self-portraits. After which, we completed our "wonder wall"

by sharing what we were interested to learn about when it came to the different countries

around the world.

We learned about what it means to travel, talked about the places that we wanted to visit as

well as the important things we need to bring when we go from one place to another.

Through our travelling experiences, we remembered that one of the most important things

we need to always have with us while traveling to other countries is our passport. With this

recalled information, we of course made our very own class passport to make sure we can

visit all the home countries of our friends.

For our tuning in activity, we collected all the pictures that we saw around the classroom,

and we tried to sort and put together the pictures that we thought would go together. After

doing this, we realized that the pictures were about different celebrations. We said that the

word “celebration” means a day that is special, fun and exciting. This gave us the

opportunity to draw our favorite celebration and share this with our friends.

Our first stop was none other than, Germany! We rode the airplane ✈️ and had our

passports stamped 🛂by the immigration officer, so we can enter the country. Once we

arrived in Germany, we talked about the symbol, activities, food and clothes they wear

during the most celebrated Sankt Martin Tag! We enjoyed looking at the different lantern

🏮 designs and the delicious 😋 food that they eat.

We made our own version of the “Weckmann” which is a kind of bread that they eat in

Germany during the Sankt Martin celebration. We enjoyed kneading the dough, shaping it

and spreading the egg wash.

From Germany, our next stop was Türkiye. Yaman presented to us his celebration called

Republic Day. It is a public holiday in Türkiye, commemorating the proclamation of the

Republic of Türkiye, on October 29, 1923. He shared with us that during this celebration

people hang flags on their houses and buildings. They also have the torchlight procession

on the streets and wear their traditional clothes while dancing.

We made our Türkiye flags and our torch for the torch lighting parade.

Another celebration we learned about in Türkiye is Children's Day! We had so much fun

learning about this celebration with Ms. Pinar, Manilo's Mama 💗 Children's Day is a

celebration made especially for fun and exciting activities for children of all ages 🎉

‘Porche' is one of the food eaten during Children's Day. It is bread made with cheese and

parsley. We enjoyed eating this delicious delicacy! 🍞

We had fun playing with the red balloons which is one of the symbols of Children's Day 🎈

After each celebration, we made sure to record what we have learned in our "Celebrations


Next stop, we go back to the Philippines to celebrate Christmas! We can't wait to share this

with you in our next newsletter!


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