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Interdisciplinary project at the German Primay: Music & Art

by Bianca Bachmann

A week-long, artistic and musical project recently came to an end. With the help of Ms. Gill and the gradeschoolers of the German section, several birds were killed with one stone: The inventory of the Music Room C112 was expanded. Upcycling was done for the most part, as well as cross-curricular and cross-grade work. The idea arose from the lack of sufficient musical instruments with which the elementary school students can expand their sense of rhythm and their joy in creative music-making. The students diligently collected filling and additional materials from home and brought them to school. Ms. Gill thankfully helped with the ideas and implementation of the creative and creating part. In the end, many colorful maracas, some drums as well as rain sticks came out, all individually and for the most part independently created by the children. The maracas have already been used several times in the music lessons of Grades 1 and 2, when it was a matter of rehearsing the animal rhythm cards and thus the feeling for the length of different note values. This resulted in a cover version of the song "Believer" by Imagine Dragons with three different rhythmic maracas groups.


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