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International Women's Day at GESM 2023

by Ute Massow

Role models who have courage, inspire courage!

Last week, many school lessons revolved around young and adult women who have stood up for important issues in their lives, such as equal rights, environmental protection, social justice.

The focus was on the film "Malala - Her Right to Education" and the illustrated book "Fierce Filipina" - two women with important goals. Malala is still fighting for the global right to education, and Gliceria Marella de Villavicencio made a decisive contribution to the independence of the Philippines.

Lapbooks were diligently crafted, the English edition of "Fierce Filipina" was translated into German, short biographies of famous women such as Rosa Parks, Vivianne Westwood, Zaha Hadid and many others were written.

In art class, the students painted portraits of strong women based on Frieda Kahlo. The distinctive feature of Kahlo's self-portraits is that animals symbolically represent these strengths in the paintings.

All the results are currently on display in the lobby.


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