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Ki-Ka-Karneval at the German Kindergarten 2024

by Antje Regber

The cries of "Manila Alaaf" and "Manila Helau" could be heard again at the school this year as the German Kindergarten, together with the German preschool group, celebrated Carnival. Our theme for this year was "Carnival of the Animals." In accordance with the theme, last Thursday, we welcomed not only dangerous predators but also small cats and cute butterflies.

At the beginning of the festivities, the children had the opportunity to showcase their costumes and sing the well-known Carnival song "Ki-Ka-Carnival." Between the ensuing games, candies were thrown, and the children had great joy in catching and collecting them. After so much excitement and activity, the children had to replenish their energy with a communal breakfast. Thanks to the help of all parents, we enjoyed a delicious buffet. Even after eating, the Carnival fun was not over. More entertaining games followed. The fantastic day was rounded off with a polonaise through the classrooms and the nearby outdoor area.

We hope that all the children had fun at the Carnival celebration and will remember it for a long time.


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