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KiGa kids' morning activities

by Christina Bärtges | 28 May 2021

The kindergarten reports with news from our morning activities (Mon - Thurs, 9.30am), which was introduced to our classes since April! On the program for the children are:

- Mondays: Movement stories

- Tuesdays: Rhythm and sound

- Wednesdays: Movement with music

- Thursdays: Rhythm and sound

On Mondays, the movement stories provide a good start to the week. The children begin with a common breathing exercise and greet each other solemnly with "Namaste".

The sound of a singing bowl signals calm, because now the movement story begins. Each week there is a different story that wraps yoga poses and other physical exercises into a short story. In this way, the children are challenged physically on the one hand, and on the other hand, these stories often represent a repetition or expansion of the current topics in the project lessons.


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