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The race is on... again

by Volker Ross

The race is on.

It seems only yesterday when GESM added almost 400 square meters of offices, classrooms, and staff room to the existing infrastructure from S.Y. 2022-23 to SY. 2023-24.

Carried out by 65 workers, in three shifts, 24/7, 7 days a week, a three-story building was built within 65 days, inside an existing building, next to the lobby.

And now, the race is on... again.

The biggest project yet, will be the home of GESM's Pre-Primary & Vorschule. Furthermore, it will add four more classrooms, two offices and one multifunction room with a small stage, on the third level.

The so-called Surinam I building, named after the road along it, will be connected to the classrooms on the 2nd floor of the IB Building and will therefore be easily reachable by our students.

The timeline is extremely tight, but GESM management will do their utmost best to finish the project for the second week of August!


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