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Language Test for DaF Students in Grade 5

by Demet Üngör & Volker Schlieske

On Monday, June 3rd, it was that time again: the first major DaF language test was on the agenda for the advanced students in the Grade 5 DaF course at the elementary school. The nervousness was palpable, but the prospect of a "sweet reward" in the form of chocolate and gummy bears at the end of the oral exam helped to ease the tension somewhat.

The candidates confidently presented their prepared topics and engaged in passionate examination discussions with the examiners, Ms. Üngör (DaF teacher for the class) and Mr. Schlieske (DaF coordinator). They talked about their families, hobbies, and school. All exams were successfully completed.

The final exams in the DaF subject in Grade 5 mark a significant milestone for the elementary students. They not only demonstrate the students' considerable German language skills, but they are also their first official oral exam in a foreign language, where they can showcase their communication skills and gain initial examination experience. This language test serves both as a performance record for the students and as a tool for analyzing and grouping the new DaF courses in secondary school for the upcoming school year.

Next week, the written exams are scheduled. After successfully completing both the oral and written exams, the students will receive an in-house school certificate. This certificate confirms their performance level and acknowledges their progress in the DaF course.

Congratulations to all Grade 5 students – you did a fantastic job!


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