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Lesenacht = Reading Night 2024

May 9 was Lesenacht (or "Reading Night") at the German School in Manila, and what a night it was! A huge thank you to all the parents who helped and the fantastic teachers who organized the event. The reading night was a complete success, giving students from 1st to 10th grade unforgettable moments.

The students participated in a variety of games and activities that were not only fun, but also fostered team spirit. Performances by teachers and students rounded off the program, providing numerous entertaining moments.

A special highlight of the reading night was sleeping over on campus. For many of the participants, it was their first time spending a night at school, making the event even more exciting and memorable.

Thanks to the excellent cooperation of parents, teachers, and students, the reading night became an event that will be remembered for a long time. Here’s to the many wonderful memories we created together.


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