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Living the Playful Side of German-French Friendship

by Sylvie Weyer

As part of the celebrations marking the 61st anniversary of the Élysée Treaty, the kindergarten (Kiga) kids from the German European School Manila (GESM) and Lycée Français de Manille (LFM) came together today for joint activities on the campus. In the spirit of German-French friendship, the little ones participated in various shared activities, including creative crafting, dances, parachute games, and more.

The harmonious interaction during the activities helped deepen the connection between the kindergartens (German/English) of GESM and LFM. In a cheerful atmosphere, the little ones not only discovered new activities but also found joy in getting to know their classmates from the other school. These shared experiences will undoubtedly lay the foundation for a sustainable German-French friendship that extends beyond the boundaries of the classroom.


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