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Making Mango Floats to Apply Science Lessons

submitted by Viola Buck

Whilst learning ratio and capacity measurement in Maths, and the processes in the water cycle and the states and behaviour of matter in Science, our international section 3rd grade class decided to apply what they were learning to a real-life event - making Mango Floats!

E-mail was sent for the ingredients a week in advance and the class "got together" to make the treat one Friday. Even curious mums were in the video call lesson to take part! They were very creative and applied their own variations - using Oreos cookies and gelatin.

The best part of it all, is apart from applying what we are learning, the whole family enjoyed the activity and the "after" activity - eating!

In their reports, one student described how the liquid cream turned into solid by freezing the cake overnight, then how the cake on the plate evaporated in his tummy! Their reflections were nice as they enjoyed the activity together as a family - especially in finishing the Mango float!

Our children need to learn life skills using critical thinking and problem solving. By experimenting, trying out different ratio to find the right consistency, they were able to use critical thinking and solve the consistency problem. Some were creative and added Oreos instead of just using the usual Graham crackers - creativity with variations.


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