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Manila Bay Excursion & Field Experiment: Exploring Environmental Challenges and Sustainable Actions

In November, students from the primary and secondary levels (grades 3-6) embarked on a fascinating excursion to Manila Bay, accompanied by their teachers. The goal was to practically investigate environmental challenges in water bodies.

Organized in partnership with One Earth, One Ocean, the day commenced with a preparatory program on microplastics and the organization of field experiments. On November 7, the day-long excursion commenced with the aim of conducting field experiments on water body pollution.

The first series of experiments focused on constructing water filters. In groups, students built their own filters and purified water samples taken from Manila Bay. This provided insights into the contamination and purification of polluted water bodies.

After a break, students continued their explorations with the second series of experiments. Under the theme "Tracking Microplastics," they traversed seven stations, ranging from examining cosmetic samples for microplastics to identifying microplastics in water samples using microscopy.

The excursion concluded with a creative station where students crafted a simple utility item from Tetrapack material. The entire excursion was documented by a group of students, capturing the day's program, the execution of experiments and stations, and an interview with One Earth One Ocean (oeoo).

After a lunch break, students returned to the pier and then to the GESM Campus. This excursion will undoubtedly be remembered and has contributed to strengthening the environmental awareness of our students.


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