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"Martin war ein guter Man!" - Sharing with those who have less

von Korbinian Hook

During the Christmas season, sharing and giving are very much in the foreground. However, in November we already celebrate a festival in honor of a person who lived his life entirely in the spirit of sharing. He shared even when he had only his "last shirt" left.

We are talking, of course, about St. Martin and his self-sacrificing life. The famous sharing of the coat with the beggar has been handed down to us symbolically. After a brief insight into the background of his work, the third and fourth grade classes of the German Primary were full of energy to put it into practice in a role play. In a short but intensive rehearsal period, the children gave their best in a performance at the Lantern Festival and portrayed this scene full of devotion.

It became clear that Martin did not have it easy and was often exposed to harsh criticism from his companions. But he did not let up in order to achieve his goal - to help people. Because -- as was already clear to the people in his time -- Martin was a good person.


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