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Mitternacht, die Retterin | Midnight, the Saviour

by Melanie McGarry

Midnight, the Saviour There once was a girl named Lilabel. She was 10 years old and had a baby St. Bernard named Midnight. They lived with Lilabel's parents in a wooden cabin in the Alps. Every night she went through the Alps looking for people who might have gotten lost, who needed help. One night, midnight ate her dog food and Lilabel went out as usual. Four hours went by and Lilabel still wasn't back, so midnight was worried about her. That's why Midnight snuck out of the house to look for Lilabel. Midnight scampered down the mountain knowing that avalanches were common and sniffed for Lilabel. Suddenly, she heard a trembling voice saying, "Help, help, save me!" Excitedly, Midnight barked and dug around to free Lilabel. Lilabel's parents came running up because they heard the barking. "Midnight, you heroine!" cried Lilabel's mother. They carried Lilabel to her bed.

Nash so excited, midnight was hungry again. They gave her big-boned meat and special doggy treats Afterwards she snuggled up to Lilabel and fell asleep.


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