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"One all-nighter to rule them all..."

by Florian Simmelbauer

From the April 4 to 5, Grade 6D had a Hobbit-themed sleepover in school. They've been reading the classic "The Hobbit" in the weeks leading up to it. They attempted to watch all three films from "The Hobbit" series and the three films from "The Lord of the Rings" series in one night! Alas, despite being fueled by pizza, fast food, and sweets, only two students, named Maya and Maja, made it through to the end of the third film.

A shared breakfast was had the next morning. After which they still had the nerve to watch one and a half "Lord of the Rings" films! Ah, but it was a feeble attempt at redemption after falling asleep midway through the mission the night before.

Perhaps next year they'll accomplish the goal and be able to watch all six films in a row... if their teacher doesn't force them to sleep at some point.


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