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Orangensaft und Kuchen in Grade 2i

by Andreas Eggert | 17 September 2021

This week, German students in Grade 2i learned a beautiful song from their book "Hallo Anna 2".

The three main questions were "Wie heißt du denn?" (What's your name?), "Wie gehts dir denn?" (How are you) and "Was magst du denn?" (What do you like?")

All students first read and translated the lyrics, then got to watch a video with the text and melody, and finally practiced singing the song alone.

"Kinder, can you sing the song after class and send me a recording?", I asked, and it didn't take long before the first recordings arrived.

Please enjoy watching one of our fabulous grade 2i students joyfully singing in German. I hope it will bring a smile to your face 🙂

Would you like to listen to the song in the original? Click here.


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