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Our Young Scientists in Action!

by Viola Buck

Distance Learning does not stop us from sparking the curiosity of our students. In grade 3, we are learning about “How The World Works” by learning about ENERGY. Following our Cambridge curriculum, we integrated the study of electricity and magnetism into our topic. I am very proud of the children’s Research, Thinking and Investigative skills as they used the knowledge they learned in our past unit about mapping and applied it in our present unit.

Shout-out to our wonderful parents who were our “assistant scientists” in the process, for their help and their resourcefulness in finding magnets in their homes:

from fridge magnets to magnets inside broken appliances. The children were able to validate (1) when they were asked to locate where the sun rises and mark it as EAST, they were able to prove their marking to be correct, (2) some metal objects can be magnetized (3) the needle pointed to the North because of the energy produced by the spinning of the molten iron in the inner core of the earth. Simple yet fun and engaging experiment for our young scientists!

Our materials: bottle cap, bowl with water, needle and fridge magnets

Testing our hypothesis


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