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Parent-School Collaboration

by Vincent Mortillero

In preparation for our Christmas Bazaar, Grade 4 has teamed up with our parent community to make soaps to sell on the day. We were fortunate to have an expert soap/candle maker Mrs. Prabhu lead a workshop to create our products with the students. We also connected our workshop to our Science unit - states of matter. We discussed that making soaps involves turning solids into liquids using energy.

We want to say a big thank you to Mrs. Prabhu for sacrificing her resources and, most notably, her time to contribute to our fundraiser in supporting 'Children of the Dump' and 'Tiny Blessings'. The students and teachers had a great time!

We encourage everyone to support our cause, purchase our soaps at the Christmas bazaar, and follow Mrs. Prabhus' Instagram page @hookedonsoapsandcandles.


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