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Participation in kindergarten

by Katrin Hofmann

With big steps we are approaching the end of this school year and therefore also the summer party of the kindergarten, which is celebrated this year together with the English section. Now it was time to find out which topic the children were most interested in this year and present it to their parents. This school year, the little foxes went around the world. In the different continents, the children were able to find out a lot about the inhabitants, different customs, their animal world and special features. Therefore, a children's conference was called in which we discussed again where the journey took us. It went from Australia, Oceania, Antarctica, the Arctic via South America to North America, where we have just launched into space from the Kennedy Space Center.

The children tell what they particularly liked and what they remembered. Afterwards, every vote is needed. The children are allowed to choose quite democratically which topic they want to present. Each child receives a vote in the form of a flower that is placed on a picture. When each child has cast his or her vote, the children are counted together.

With this method, the children are involved in the decision-making process from an early age and we give them the certainty that they are part of a community in which every vote counts. In this way, we strengthen their self-confidence and each child experiences that he or she is being heard.

In this vote, North America won by a narrow margin and the parents can look forward to a small contribution from our project.


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