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Pre-Autumn Break Halloween at GESM

Students were greeted with an unusual sight upon arrival on campus today: a masked candy-giver. It's the last day before the Autumn break, and the school was about to celebrate Halloween as a send-off to all students.

Celebrations for the German & English Primary schoolers kicked off with a spectacular fashion show, where children donned an array of creative and spooky costumes. Preschoolers, looking adorable as ever, joined in the festivities, adding to the charm of the occasion.

Following the fashion show, students were divided into their respective school Houses, ready to engage in Halloween-themed games on the school field. Laughter and excitement filled the air as they participated in various activities.

And of course, the students went trick-or-treating. It was a candy-collecting adventure, from the offices of the headmaster, to the clinic, to the individual classrooms.

To wrap up the day, the children indulged in crafting sessions that incorporated elements of Erntedank, the German Thanksgiving celebration. The combination of Halloween and Erntedank made the day not only entertaining but educational, promoting cross-cultural understanding and unity.


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