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PYP Exhibition 2024

Updated: 6 days ago

by Lawrence Buck

Our Grade 5Es did not fail to impress us with the knowledge they shared with our school community last May 22nd for their PYP Exhibition. The PYPX is an extended, in-depth collaborative or individual project where children conduct research to find answers to topics that interest them the most. From start to finish, the children were in charge as teachers take a step back to only guide them in the process. It is important that their "voice and choice" are valued in the process which enabled them to take ownership of the whole process of learning.

This year's PYPX opened with a compelling "Penumbra" shadow presentation which showed some of the pressing issues children observe around them. Thanks to Ms. Sunshine Ferrandon, Ms. Patrimonio and Ms. Alka Kumar for helping Grade 5 put together this wonderful performance. Following the Shadow performance, the children presented in a TedTalk format sharing the outcomes of their research. To close the exhibition, our Grade 5Es positioned themselves at our school lobby where they had engaging interactions with our school community through Q&A and presenting some of their interactive educational games and initiatives.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the amazing mentors who volunteered to guide our Grade 5s in their PYPX journey. We're also grateful to the team of teachers who are helping the children with the backdrops and performances - Maraming salamat po Mr. Vince, Mr. Tyler, Ms. Chria, Ms. Tonette, Ms. Alka, Ms. Rain, Ms. Nina, Coach Vanny, Ms. Christina and Ms. Sunshine! We truly appreciate the time you have invested in guiding, motivating and inspiring the children.

As we wrap up this school year, I would like to once again give my round of applause to our Grade 5 students for their incredible work and dedication in showcasing their learning journey.


• Group of Ethan, JJ, Santi, Jonathan and Omar

• Mentor: Ms. Tonette Bajao

Ocean Pollution

• Group of Adinda, Mia, Nagisa, Solenne

• Mentor: Ms. Rain Galvez

Endangered Species

• Group of Jio, Reza and Ari

• Mentor: Ms. Chria Patrimonio

Air Pollution

• Group of Green, Daniel and Loc

• Mentor: Mr. Tyler Smith

Animal Cruelty

• Group of Tulika and Miori

• Mentor: Ms. Nina Juliano

Clean and Renewable Sources of Energy

• Group of Dias and Sandro

• Mentor: Mr Vince Mortillero


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