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PYP Year-End Assembly

by Viola Buck

Two words to describe our Year End Assembly: heartwarming and overwhelming. It was an event we all needed to close the year - cheering for each other's amazing show of talents, and recognising the excellent academic achievements and values of our students. We were taken aback by the great show of talents as the children sang songs in German, enacted Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and danced the famous Filipino cultural dances called the Itik Itik (little ducklings), Tinikling (with thr bamboo clappers) and the upbeat African dance. The heavens smiled on us on that day as we welcomed our parents back on-campus. It didn't rain! It was wonderful to have so many parents, and it made everything worthwhile seeing everyone enjoying the assembly. Thank you so much for taking the time to join the assembly despite your busy schedules. We look forward to seeing you again soon this August. Have a super summer holiday!


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