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S.Y. 2020/21 GEB's first address

by Lady Timbang-Garcia | 11 Sep 2020

The GEB (Gesamtelternbeirat) or the GESM Parents’ Advisory Council, had their first meeting last September 2, 2020. The meeting was held via Zoom and had about 20 elected class Parent Representatives in attendance.

Headmaster Christoph Boris-Frank and School Administrator Volker Ross were also present at the meeting. They shared important updates on how the school have been working hard to address the concerns of every member of the school community and make the online distance learning at GESM as efficient and effective as possible. Some of the parents also expressed their appreciation and commended the school for their efforts since day 1 when school was cancelled due to Covid-19.

Also, one important business in the meeting was the annual election and the results are as follows:

Chairman : Prima Donna Garcia Vice Chairman: Prachi Mankodi Secretary: Imee Harle Treasurer: Kristine Almeida-Uy

Congratulations to all, and we look forward to another productive and successful school year.

Now more than ever, parent involvement is important because we are the partners of the school while our kids are learning at home.


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