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School Reading Contest 2022 -Class winners showcase their skills!

by Ute Massow

On Thursday, 8th of December, it was finally time again at GESM: During the second big break, students from the German section Grades 4 - 10 gathered in front of the library entrance, waiting for it to finally begin. What exactly? This year's Reading Competition.

In the first round, the class winners from each grade presented their selected readings, which were a wonderful shared reading experience for all.

After the first compulsory part, the jury, consisting of Mr. Frank, Mr. Gabel, Milena Erler (11-IB), Hannah Seo (10D) and the German Section teachers Mrs. Hamburger and Mrs. Massow, made their first decision.

Motivated, they moved on to the second round, the endurance test, in which the readers had to prove their skills by reading a text they were unfamiliar with. The reading for Grades 5-7 was from Armina Paul's novel "Die Welt steht Kopf - in der Elternschule." The children of a town discover that their parents have mysteriously changed one morning: They definitely don't act like adults. Hiding in the living room closet or putting the bathroom underwater with paper boats, now those are kids' pranks! But the adults are simply unstoppable. If you want to know how the story ends with the unpredictable adults, check out the book at the library. It's sure to be a lot of fun!

We continued with Grades 8-10, who performed an excerpt from Cornelia Funke's "Inkheart." Books and reading are the most important things in the world to Meggie and her father. However, Mo refuses to read aloud. There must be a reason for this. If you don't know them yet, you should head to the library as soon as possible and borrow the book. The subsequent volumes will then be a MUST.

Maya Dollmayer from 6D read the excerpt from Paul's novel best, Kimi Dollmayer represented 10D and convinced the jury with his reading skills.

Many thanks to all the readers who showed us once again that reading enchants and helps in many situations in life, because according to Cornelia Funke, "Nothing chases away bad dreams faster than the rustle of printed paper."


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