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Science Investigatory Challenge '21-'22!

contributed by Viola Buck | 24 February 2022

Our International Primary learners once again held an Inter-House competition on 24 February 2022: The Science Investigatory Challenge 2021-22!

Students worked with their teacher mentors to conduct experiments, surveys and research on a specific scientific issue. And because it's a Student House event, students got to work with peers from different grade levels!

Each Student House then presented their findings in front of a panel of judges: Ms. Prachi Mankodi, president of the Parents' Council (GEB); Mr. Martin Gabel, Deputy Head of School; and Dr. Olga Virtusio, the City Health Officer of Parañaque herself!

In the end, it was the presentation of House of Berlin led by Disha (Grade 4i) and Molly (Grade 2i) that was deemed best by the judges! Congrats to all students and their mentors who participated!


Having Student Houses at the GESM allows for our learners to work together across age groups and classes. They get to know the wider school community and are able to make friends from other grades and sections. For GESM's International Primary, the Inter-House competition has three objectives:

  1. To hone our students' collaborative, communication, research and thinking skills.

  2. To help them be aware of local or global problems so that they could take action.

  3. To understand and apply their knowledge in scientific inquiry/investigation.


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